Miller & Associates has been providing architectural services to municipalities in Nebraska and Kansas since 1984. Our experienced staff continues to meet the needs of new and existing clients including both public and private entities with specialized areas including churches, libraries, swimming pools, commercial ventures, fire halls, etc. Miller & Associates offers assistance at all levels of an architectural process in order to provide the best service for our clients. Our firm’s commitment to each and every project is what makes Miller & Associates stand above the rest.

The architectural staff at Miller & Associates is available to assist you in the completion of an architectural study for your specific project. An architectural study is conducted to identify and document major issues involved in proposed new construction and/or major additions or renovations of existing structures. This study investigates existing circumstances and problems, analyzes alternative solutions, and recommends a specific course(s) of action to solve the issues involved. A study can also include alternative solutions and estimated costs associated with the various solutions. An architectural study is the basis upon which subsequent phases of construction can be scheduled or planned. Our staff will take into consideration all aspects of your project including current building codes as well as current construction costs.

Miller & Associates Consulting Engineers, P.C.

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