Community & Regional Planning

Miller & Associates has experienced planning professionals that are capable of serving clients in Nebraska and Kansas.  We understand that it is our responsibility to produce the most accurate and fully comprehensive information as possible.  It is our duty to break the boundaries of what is expected in order to achieve the best plan and/or study possible.  We also understand the planning process is just as important as the final product which is why we promote active citizen participation at every stage in the planning process.  The planning team at Miller & Associates actively engages community stakeholders in open communication to assess current and emerging community needs.  The firm partners with community stakeholders to formulate attainable goals and measurable objectives which directly address these needs.  Miller & Associates then actively designs innovative and forward thinking strategies to accomplish these objectives and bring about desired change.  Our goal is to inspire and motivate community stakeholders and decision makers to proactively pursue and implement desired change in order to fulfill community objectives, one project at a time.

Miller & Associates Consulting Engineers, P.C.

Kearney, NE  |  Lakewood, CO  |  McCook, NE  |  Colby, KS


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