Recreation & Other Grants

Miller & Associates has experience in writing grant applications for recreational activity funds.  The firm is familiar with the application process for Nebraska Game & Parks Commission – Land & Water Conservation Fund, Nebraska Game & Parks Trail Development Assistance Grants and Recreational Trail Program Grant Funds, Nebraska Department of Roads – Transportation Enhancement Programs and Nebraska Environmental Quality – Waste Reduction and Recycling Grants.

Projects which are eligible for Land & Water Conservation funds include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Ballfields
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic facilities
  • Swimming Pools
  • Trails
  • Soccer Fields
  • Shelter Houses
  • Tennis Courts
  • Multi-purpose courts, and modest related support facilities

A 50% match is required from the applicant for project costs.  Applications are due October 1st of every year.

Nebraska Game & Parks Trail Development Assistance Funds are available for projects such as trail headways, bridge decking and other related project elements of a trail.  This grant is a 50/50 matching program and applications are due October 1st of every year.

The Recreational Trails Program is another grant opportunity that is administered by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.  These funds are specifically for trail surfacing and trail related support facilities, and would not be the best source for trail support activities that are eligible under the 50/50 program.  This grant will fund 80% of the project costs and the applicant must match the other 20%.  Applications are due October 1st of every year.

Transportation Enhancement Funds are disbursed by the Nebraska Department of Roads to allow local, regional and state governmental entities to construct and restore transportation facilities that are not eligible for funding through other programs.  Projects must fall into one or more of the following activities related to surface transportation in order to be eligible:

  • Facilities for pedestrians and bicycles. 
  • Safety and educational activities for pedestrians and bicyclists. 
  • Acquisition of scenic easements and scenic or historic sites. 
  • Scenic or historic highway programs. 
  • Landscaping and other scenic beautification. 
  • Historic preservation. 
  • Rehabilitation of historic transportation buildings. 
  • Preservation of abandoned railway corridors. (Including conversion of pedestrian and bicycle trails) 
  • Control and removal of outdoor advertising. 
  • Environmental mitigation. 
  • Establishment of transportation museums.

Maximum grant awards are $500,000 per project.  Applicants will be required to provide a minimum of 20% no-federal cash match of the total eligible project costs.  Deadlines for submitting intent-to-apply and final application forms will vary with each fiscal year.  Specific dates for application deadlines are not established until February of each annual funding cycle.

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant program is funded through the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ).  These grants provide partial reimbursement for the purchase of crumb rubber and tire-derived products, such as playground surfaces, running tracks and artificial turf surfaces for soccer and football fields, and rubber-enhanced asphalt.  Grant award amounts vary and applications are due on an annual basis.

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