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Our full-service firm allows for easy design processes for many recreational projects.  Projects include indoor/outdoor swimming pools, concession stands, hike/bike trails, and many more.  Miller & Associates offers architectural, engineering, and grant writing for recreational projects for communities in Nebraska and Kansas.  These projects are all great additions to any town.  Let Miller & Associates assist you through the process of creating these amenities that will help draw residents to your community.

Recreational services provided by Miller & Associates include the following:

  • Ball Fields
  • Fitness Centers
  • Hike/Bike Trails
  • Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pools and associated Bathhouse Facilities
  • Football/Track Dressing & Shower Facilities
  • Concession Buildings
  • Splash Pads
  • Tennis Courts
  • Tracks

Miller & Associates Consulting Engineers, P.C.

Kearney, NE  |  Lakewood, CO  |  McCook, NE  |  Colby, KS


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