Planning Grants

The objective of Planning Grants is to provide communities with the opportunity to solve problems and to meet citizen needs through a planning process that assesses community development needs.  There are two planning grant opportunities that your community can apply for.  One being CDBG and the other is NIFA (Nebraska Investments Finance Authority).  There are specific requirements for each of the funding options.  If you would like to know more information please contact our office.

Examples of planning projects include:

  • Community strategic planning. 
  • Analyses of impediments and barriers to fair housing choice. 
  • Neighborhood/Comprehensive/Strategic development plans. 
  • Functional or special studies for: housing, infrastructure, community economic development, land use/regulatory measures, central business district, energy conservation, and transportation. 
  • Environmental and historic preservation studies. 
  • Pre-engineering studies for publicly owned water/wastewater projects.

The maximum CDBG grant amount is $50,000 per community or $70,000 for multi-community, countywide, or regional planning projects. All planning activities require a 25% match of the total project cost.  The maximum NIFA grant amount is $60,000 per community.  All planning activities require a 50% match, but communities score 10 more points if they match 51% or higher of the total project cost.

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