Public Works Grants

Our staff at Miller & Associates has been writing grant applications and administering Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for community development activities throughout Nebraska for over 30 years.

The Community Development funding category is comprised of two areas. Those two areas are Public Works and Water Wastewater Activities. In order for communities to be eligible for CDBG funds, they must show that at least 51% of their community is comprised of individuals of low-moderate income (LMI). This can be documented by Census data information or by conducting a community-wide income survey.

Activities that are given priority for Public Works funding are:

  • Community Centers or Senior Centers 
  • Non-Profit Centers for Day Care, Dependent Care, Primary Health and Mental Health Care Outpatient Clinics 
  • Public Libraries 
  • Single or Multi-Service Fire/Rescue Facilities (fire trucks are eligible) 
  • Removal of Architectural Barriers from City/Village Halls or County    
  • Courthouses for Accessibility 
  • Water Distribution and/or Sanitary Sewer Collection System     
  • Improvements 
  • Bridge and/or Street Improvements 
  • Storm Sewer Improvements 
  • Flood Control 
  • Drainage Improvements 
  • Tornado-Safe Shelters in Manufactured Home Parks 
  • Park Improvements

Water Wastewater activities that are given priority are:

  • Publicly owned water system improvements including source, treatment, storage and/or distribution improvements
  • Privately owned sanitary sewer collection and/or treatment system improvements

Funds for Water Wastewater activities are available for each of three phases: preliminary engineering/planning, final design engineering and construction.

The maximum grant amount for Community Development activities is $400,000 per community.  All community development activities require a 25% match of the total project cost.

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