Construction Observation

Construction Observation

Construction observation can be the most critical service provided for the project.  Full-time construction observation, by the design professional, is the best defense against problems during and after construction. Despite technological progress, problems still occur on site.  Because no one can understand as much about the intent of design as the designers themselves, no one is in as good a position to answer contractor's questions, to spot small problems before they grow, and to respond quickly to unanticipated conditions and developments.  At Miller & Associates you can expect daily observation by the Construction Resident, as well as interim inspections by the Project Manager.  Miller & Associates Construction Observation team is involved from the tail-end of the design phase to after project completion to ensure the work was done according to specifications, using the correct materials.  Once the project is complete, we will provide you with the necessary documents to show you that is was completed correctly. 

As part of construction observation, our firm also completes sampling and testing services.  The Engineer can require special inspections or tests of the work as deemed reasonably necessary and they may receive and review all certificates of inspections, tests, and approvals required by the Contract Documents.  The Engineer will review such certificates for the purpose of determining that the results certified indicate compliance with the Contract Documents.  Concrete is sampled for testing and soil in-place tests are performed on the backfill to endeavor compliance with specifications.  Miller & Associates staff will also observe and test the subgrade as well as the placement and testing of concrete or asphalt for pavement, as it is also important to the service life of the facility.

In order to better serve our clients, Miller & Associates offers contract administration services from start to finish for each project.  This allows our clients a peace of mind, knowing that our firm will thoroughly observe each project for its entirety.  Contract administration can be complex, but our firm is experienced with the process.

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