Construction Observation/Inspection

Construction Observation

Construction observation can be the most critical service provided for the project. Full-time construction observation by the design professional is the best defense against problems during and after construction. Construction projects are extraordinarily complex. Despite technological progress, problems still occur on site. Because no one can understand as much about the intent of design as the designers themselves, no one is in as good a position to answer contractor's questions, to spot small problems before they grow, and to respond quickly to unanticipated conditions and developments. At Miller & Associates you can expect daily observation by the Construction Resident, as well as interim inspections by the Project Manager to ensure construction progress and to respond to any issues that may arise.

Our scope of services for construction observation includes the following:

  • Consult with and advise clients as well as to act as their representative;
  • Project Manager will make visits to the site at intervals appropriate to the construction process;
  • Full time construction observation is provided by Construction Resident including material sampling and testing, density testing, and density verification;
  • Review and approve Shop Drawings and samples, test and inspection results, determine acceptability of substitute materials and equipment proposed by Contractor(s), and receive and review maintenance and operating instructions, schedules, guarantees, bonds and certificates of inspection; 
  • Provide and recommend to clients, the payments to the Contractor(s), based on Engineer’s on-site observations, review of applications for payment, the accompanying data and schedules, and this includes continued inspections and recommendations to the client based on the Engineer’son-site observations;
  • Prepare and furnish to clients, a set of reproducible Project Record Drawings;
  • Conduct an inspection to determine if the project is substantially complete; and
  • Conduct a final inspection to determine if the work has been completed in accordance with the Contract Documents and if each Contractor has fulfilled all of his obligations.

Post-Construction Phase (Optional/based on project type)

  • Provide assistance to clients in connection with the refining and adjusting of any project equipment or system, in training client’s staff to operate and maintain the project, equipment, and system,and, in developing systems and procedures for control of the operation and maintenance of and record keeping for the project;
  • Visit the project with the client to observe any apparent defects in completed work, assist owner in consultations and discussions with the Contractor concerning correction of such defects, and make recommendations as to replacement or correction of defective work;
  • Assemble and provide the clients and regulatory agency with an Operation and Maintenance Manual for the project;
  • Along with the client, perform a warranty inspection of the project in the 11th month followingsubstantial completion; and
  • The Post-Construction Phase services can terminate one year after the date of substantial completion, or may be extended, depending upon the project parameters.

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